Mission Statement

This manifesto has been drawn up by members of “Cycle Carlisle” to record the improvements that we wish to see for cycling in Carlisle. It is designed to reflect the wishes of all who cycle in Carlisle, and especially those who wish to cycle more. The list below is our ambitions for Carlisle and evolve as needs change, and schemes are completed. We hope Local Authorities take on board the need for increased cycle provision and embrace our vision as part of their transport strategies.


  • Completion of a North-South and East-West cross city largely traffic free routes
  • Cycle lanes on all radial roads, the inner ring road and other main roads where there is queuing traffic
  • Removing restrictions imposed by one-way streets by allowing contra-flow cycling
  • Improved cycle-network map, corresponding with actual cycle provision, and showing the names of all streets to enable easy navigation around the city by bike.
  • Removal of street furniture from cycle paths
  • Sheffield parking stands outside every public building and in public spaces
  • Opening up a ‘Hadrians bridge’ across the river Eden

Off road network

  • Completion of Hadrian’s Cycle Route, with construction of inland deviation at Willowholme
  • New, purpose built cycling / pedestrian crossing of the Cumbrian Coast Railway to link Denton Holme with Currock and Upperby
  • Link from Newtown to Etterby via the Waverley Viaduct
  • Removal of restriction on cycling on tarmacced route from Eden Bridge to Etterby Street

Petteril Valley Cycleway

  • Tarmaccing short link between Stoneyholme car-park and Memorial Bridge
  • Upgrading of footpath between Stoneyholme car-park and Botcherby Bridge (Warwick Road) to cycleway standard
  • Upgrading of route between Melbourne Park (Bridge) and London road to cycleway standard.
  • Upgrading of footpath between London Road and Petteril Bank Road to cycleway standard

On road cycling provision

  • Lifting of restriction of cycling in sections of pedestrian zone used by motor vehicles 24/7
  • Restriction on cycling in pedestrian zone reduced to peak hours 8am – 6pm only.
  • Extension of Victoria Viaduct cycle lanes up to the Nelson Bridge junction and create an advanced stop line for cycles
  • Extension of Denton Street cycle lanes back to Trafalgar Street


  • Stopping motor vehicle from parking on cycle lanes
  • Reduction of speed limit from 30mph to 20 on residential streets, and roads close to the city centre where walking and cycling frequency is highest


  • Restoration of cycle stands to their former position inside the station building
  • Improved parking for visitors to the Sands Centre, Civic Centre and Tullie House including more covered parking