Critical Mass

(Please note that Critical Mass Rides are not organised by “Cycle Carlisle” – This page is for information purposes only)

What is Critical Mass?

Critical Mass is a regular event in which cycle users will meet at an arranged place and go for a bike ride through the city and reclaim the roads.

How are the rides organised?

An important aspect to critical mass is that it is non-hierarchical.  There is no leader who decides where to go, it is based on a consensus of the group at the event, which creates the spontaneity and fun of the ride.

When do the rides normally take place?

The rides take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 18:00 from March to October.

We meet on West Walls at the top of the Sallyport steps leading up from Town Dyke Orchard car park.

Why do we have them?

There are lots of reasons for having a Critical Mass. At its heart it is about the reclamation of space. The city is an environment in which motor vehicles have taken over, where noise and pollution reign, and where freedom of movement for people has been suppressed. The critical mass is a way of standing up to this confine, and promoting an alternative in the process.

Why in Carlisle?

Our city can be a dangerous place for cycling, with fast moving traffic on multi-lane roads threatening the safety of people who choose to travel by bike. Through the critical mass an element of solidarity and safety is promoted, and sends out a message that cycle users have just as much right to use the road as anyone else.

Who can take part in Critical Mass Rides?

Anyone who has access to a bicycle and wishes to promote the cause of freedom of movement.  However, given the fact that busy roads will be ridden on, and the need to “stick together” we advise against young children taking part.

What else do I need to know?

Just the dates for 2013!  These are:

5th March

9th April

7th May

4th June

2nd July

6th August

3rd September

1st October